Booth Street (Congleton Town)

This was a flying visit to a town I’d never heard of and in particular a football club I consequently didn’t know existed but what a lovely little corner of the world.


Congleton itself seems pleasant, even if their 24 hour Tesco seemed to have more staff stood at the entrance smoking cigarettes than were working inside. No such complaints for the staff of Congelton Town FC, as, erm, the place was deserted.


There’s not a lot of stadium to actually talk about, but it still has a certain charm. The main stand contains a load of seats and what appears to be a kitchen worktop sawed off and converted into a press area, then a covered standing area to its left with a covered area for disabled fans to its right.


On the opposite side of the pitch is a bigger covered area for standing, with what appeared to be corrugated iron balanced precariously on top of some scaffolding behind a goal to provide more shelter.


And that’s about it. A beautifully manicured garden on the way into the ground, there’s no doubt more horticultural effort gone into the club’s entrance than any other non-league club in the country.


A tiny ground in a small town but full of warmth and character.20130630-094338.jpg20130630-094458.jpg20130630-094520.jpg20130630-094606.jpg20130630-094547.jpg20130630-094618.jpg20130630-094631.jpg20130630-094658.jpg20130630-094711.jpg20130630-094740.jpg20130630-094757.jpg



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