The Calvert Stadium (Northallerton Town)

It’s December, which means Christmas, which means one thing. Remembering things fondly that weren’t actually that good in the first place. So we’ll be doing that this week here, too.

Remember when I used to visit football grounds at night, when it was dark, so all you had were a couple of ropy photographs of a sign, and very limited commentary on the ground itself? Welcome to Northallerton!

Annoyingly it looks like a very decent little ground, so rest assured I’ll be back here during daylight at some point to report on it. But a few “private property” signs put me off any late night exploring.

Certainly the photos I’ve looked at of it during daylight hours make me think this has potential though. So while you’re sat trying to pretend you’re enjoying roasted chestnuts, strawberry cream and a dreadful festive film, just think that one day I’ll show you this ground properly!

My book isn’t at all festive but is absolutely the perfect Christmas gift. You can buy it here.

One comment

  1. I’ve been waiting with bated breath for iver two years for you daylight review of this ground! Let me breathe out already! I don’t know what shade of blue I am but I’m sure it’s not healthy.

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