I’m a stand up comedian who has the fortune of travelling the United Kingdom on a regular basis. Occasionally this involves more time on my hands than I really should have, so a while ago I decided to start visiting football grounds whilst I was in town. Sometimes it’s before a gig, usually after, but having visited many stadiums as a fan, I wanted to visit them as a tourist. A quick photo outside, a wander around, then back to life.

I thought this may be of interest to people, and hence this little blog. I appreciate this is niche to say the least, but it serves as a nice way to document some fun travels.

To answer a couple of points raised on internet forums I should add:

1) This isn’t supposed to be funny.

2) Yes it would be nice to go while a game is on. Unfortunately my agent tends to not pay that much attention to Rochdale’s fixture list before booking me to play there.

3) This isn’t as part of any sort of 92 club or quest. So whatever I’ve done that “doesn’t count” don’t worry about. It’s purely a case of me visiting football grounds of the town I’m in.

4) I don’t choose what stadium I visit (generally). When I see in my diary “ooh, I’m in Manchester tomorrow”, I map out which ground is closer between City and United and visit that one. I don’t think “boo, United are shit, I might drive to Liverpool/Tottenham/Southampton first.”

5) If I haven’t covered your team yet, the odds are just that I’ve not played your town or city yet. Hell, I visited St James’ Park, Newcastle, first despite being a childhood Sunderland fan.


  1. Hi Andy,

    Found your blog via a comment you left on järnkarminernes latest Facebook post.
    As a non league footie fan, up until I moved to Sweden 8 years ago, I have always loved visiting different grounds and your blog brings back fond memories.
    I find it hard to navigate on my phone, maybe it will be easier on my laptop but have you visited Stadion or Tele 2 (Djurgården) or my true love Kingsmeadow Stadium (Kingstonian)……..oh yeah and that team could wombles f.c or something!

    • Hi David, thanks for that – always nice to read nice feedback! Unfortunately I tend to visit grounds in the cities I’m visiting to do stand up in, and have never played in Sweden before. It’d definitely be exciting to get across and do some grounds there at some point though! I’m pretty sure Sunderland have signed one or two players from Djurgarden (my phone won’t let me spell it correctly) too. I’ve not been to Kingsmeadow yet, I’m sure I’ll get there. My personal favourite is Tinto Park, home of Benburb FC in Scotland. Should be up on Friday!

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