Ralph Gardner Stadium (North Shields)

​Due to a family emergency before having to set straight off for a gig in beautiful Matlock tonight, you very nearly didn’t get a blog. Then I remembered a day out watching North Shields play at the beginning of the season.

I’d visited Shields’ ground a while ago then lost the photos, so it’s nice to add a new destination to the blog. I’ll cover the ground properly at some point in the future, this visit was to watch a game rather than stadium tourism.

It’s a nice little Northern League ground, with two stands on either sideline. Small, but they do a job, and there’s plenty of standing too which is a good job due to their impressive sized gates.

The seating consists of old-school wooden benches, which get good plus points. Negatives were some sort of tasteless ale at half time, served in a bottle without any label on. And seats in the gents toilet? No idea whether that’s quirky enough for a thumbs up or weird enough for a thumbs down.

Either way, we’ll cover it properly quite soon, I just didn’t want you to go without. But it’s a canny ground a nice little day out.

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