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I set this blog up in April 2013 as a way to entertain myself on the way to comedy gigs I was performing at and it quickly became all-consuming. I found new football grounds then looked at shows I could perform at as a way to justify visiting stadiums beforehand. I enjoyed every minute of it and the blog has since become a handy resource for football fans and publications around the world.

If you’ve enjoyed the blog, there’s a couple of ways you can support it that I’d really appreciate. The first (and easiest!) is to use the Amazon links that you see on the pages. By clicking those links, Amazon know that I sent you, and I get a small cut from them to say thanks. You still pay the exact same price as you would by going directly, so it won’t cost you a penny.

The next would be to buy my book. Written during the 2013/14 FA Cup, me and my friend Mark followed the competition from the very first qualifying rounds, following the winner of each game all the way to the Final (or did we?). Along the way were fall-outs, football and a lot of trips to Crawley. I’m really proud of the book, and have reduced it as low as Amazon seem able to allow me. You can download the Kindle app and read it on your mobile phone, tablet or PC, so you don’t need a Kindle to read it.

Finally, if you’ve enjoyed this blog but are thinking “who the hell is this greedy bastard expecting my money?” then you don’t have to. However, if you have enjoyed it, why not chuck a couple of quid to a deserving cause? Mind, the mental health charity, have partnered with the EFL and would be a great starting point. Skid Row Running Club were the subject of the movie Skid Row Marathon, which is available to stream on Amazon Prime, about an organization in Los Angeles helping to transform homeless people’s lives. It’s an incredibly moving documentary and also worthy of any donations. Finally, Run Geordie Run is raising money for St Benedict’s Hospice through his amazing run around the world. You can read about it on his site, where there’s a donate button as well. And that’s about it. Apologies if this feels like begging, hopefully it comes across as little more than a friendly request to show some appreciation if you’ve enjoyed browsing this site.