Millfield Park (Haddington Athletic)

When you take in 25 Scottish football grounds in a two day stadium marathon it’s hard not to get excited. Let’s be honest – could you control yourself if you visited the home of Ormiston?


Actually, you’d best wait until we take in the delights of Recreation Park before answering that one. Anyway, it’s safe to say that the home of junior side Haddington Athletic is a cracker.


It’s also worth pointing out that junior is essentially the Scottish name for their non-league system. It’s quaint and lovely and some of the grounds they play in are absolutely tremendous. Take Millfield Park, for example.


Treated as a conservation area, it’s surrounded by bushes and has a gorgeous wooden clubhouse decorated in a variety of colours. It’s an obscenely pretty place to watch football from.


There’s also a rockery within the ground and who doesn’t want a neatly-kept garden for when the football gets dull? Obviously loyal readers will be aware that Congleton FC had similar decoration, but it’s safe to say that Haddington edge it.


There’s also a lovely looking chimney visible, which also adds to the rural feel of this ground, with just one stand to complete things. It’s soft standing around the rest of the pitch but it’s a nice place to congregate.


Named after club legend Wullie Brunton, who literally saved them for going under, it’s a small but perfectly fine structure that gives this the feel of a football ground. It’s been adorned by vandals, some who’ve simply repeated Wullie’s name, which seems a bit pointless, but the rest is a tad more graphic.


It doesn’t matter though. There’s character and charm by the bucketload here. A real little gem in a rural corner, it scores highly in my book.










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