The Dovecote Stadium (Shepshed Dynamo)

After last week’s philosophical controversy I thought we’d go for a little cracker to get things going here again. And with many of you thinking I’m an arsehole after the last entry, this one is entirely appropriate.

Because, tucked away at the bottom of Butthole Lane, not far off the A1 in Leicestershire, is this little delight. And yes, you read that address correctly.

I spotted the floodlights from the motorway whilst driving to a gig and further investigation revealed it was a must visit.

I’ve been twice and usually the gates are open, as people are working there, meaning you can grab a little peak inside. If not, it’s worth warning that there won’t be much to see from the outside, albeit you will get a decent view of the back of the ground’s biggest stand.

But, you can only judge as you find and three different and lovely stands, plus some shelter and terracing behind a goal, make this a cracking little find.

Plus, who in their right mind turns down a trip to Butthole Lane?

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