Cantilever Park (Warrington Town)

With it being FA Cup weekend it seemed a good opportunity to showcase one of the giant killers of this year’s competition and Warrington Town fit that bill perfectly.


Managed by Shaun Reid, Peter’s brother, they reached the second round this year before being knocked out at Gateshead, having beaten Exeter, some 100 places above them, along the way.


And I thought I’d lost the photos of my brief trip to Cantilever Park along with the others. However, a slice of luck meant my phone froze while we were walking around and so Lee Kyle took a couple of snaps just to be safe. And he sent them across a couple of weeks ago much to my delight. So you may criticise the camera work compared to usual weeks, go for it. But then feel guilty and maybe drop Lee a line to say sorry. It’s the least you can do.


The ground is possibly the only stadium in the world named after a bridge. I’m willing to be corrected, but it takes its name from the Cantilever Bridge that it sits in the shadow of and I’m struggling to think of any other stadiums who picked up their name that way.


In the dark there was very little to actually see. We were fortunate in that we visited on the evening after their first round victory so the club was open. It meant being able to slip inside for a couple of photographs of the side of some sheltered standing, but we couldn’t make a lot out.


It’s almost certainly worth visiting by day. At the very least you’d get a decent view inside from the aforementioned bridge, and there’s a canal path that runs alongside too. At night your options are severely limited – we just hit lucky that a game had been on. So make sure you choose carefully. And happy new year!


I noticed while walking the dog the other day that there’s some work going on at Woodhorn Lane, home of Ashington AFC. It’s a ground that was covered quite some time back and left little impression, but the club have recently received planning permission to build this snazzy looking 250 seater stand:


As I walk the dog around the adjoining field on a semi regular basis, I’ll try and get a few snaps each week as work is in progress. There are also plans to build over the field itself, so it may be hampered eventually, but for now I’ll simply whet your whistle.


There’ll be more updates next week on Andy Fury’s Football Grounds I Can Be Bothered To Watch Getting Built.

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