Bootham Crescent (York City)

It makes me laugh when people criticise this blog. Not that it gets much criticism, you understand, but it amusingly irritates football groundhoppers.


If you don’t understand the terminology, then all you need to know is that groundhoppers are people who like watching football games in as many different stadiums as possible. It’s like a sporting version of trainspotting and something you presumably think I’m guilty of, but both I and the groundhoppers know different.


I love different stadiums, it’s half the reason for this blog, but I’ve seen it mentioned on various forums that I’m not a proper groundhopper as I don’t watch games there. I know that, it doesn’t bother me at all, I’ve always considered myself a football tourist. It makes me laugh to think of it genuinely irritating people that think I’m counting myself amongst them.


As a groundhopper Bootham Crescent is tremendous. I’ve taken in a couple of games there myself and it’s a wonderful old ground, but as a tourist it’s not a great one. Other than a slight peak of the home terrace there’s only the main stand on show.


Granted, it’s one of the more unique stands in football and all the better for it, but it makes it a rather disappointing trip, especially as you can only walk around two sides from the outside and one of those is nothing but a giant wall.


So for me, I’d have to give it a reluctant thumbs down. The fact that it was rename Kit Kat Crescent by sponsors Nestle for five years is endearing, and the ground once inside is wonderful, but to visit just the exterior you’re not going to see a lot.



















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