Bellholme (Todmorden Borough)

I’m loaded with cold so this week’s will be brief but worthwhile. The Lancashire town of Todmorden is nestled amongst beautiful countryside but what’s the point of that if there’s no football ground to visit?


It absolutely fills the bare minimum of my requirements. No stands, no floodlights, but a fenced off pitch with advertising hoardings and dugouts too? It squeaks in, doubtless due to it being one of the more scenic places I’ve visited.


Stuck at the bottom of some beautiful green hills, you won’t find many better surroundings for a football ground anywhere in the United Kingdom. Plus, although there’s not much to see, it’s perfectly open for you to take in what is there.


Should you go out of your way to take it in? Probably not. Is it worth a detour and fifteen minutes of your time if you’re nearby? Absolutely.



My book is still ailable here and will help offset the cost of Strepsils.

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