Riverside Stadium (Middlesborough)

So you’ve probably wondered when it would happen, that I visited a ground for a second time. Maybe you’ve even had some money waged on it. Well, here we are. Mighty Middlesborough take the honour.

Over the summer I ran a 5k race on Teesside, which started outside Boro’s home and finished with a lap of the pitch inside. So it was a terrific excuse to combine my two great loves in life – running and ground-spotting.

The race is a short run around Middlesborough, in memory of Boro legend Ali Brownlee, and a lovely day. And even if you aren’t into running, it’s the easiest way you’ll get to peak inside a proper football ground like this.

There’s not much I can really say about the stadium itself that hasn’t been said. It’s solid if a little unspectacular, but being able to enter a stadium when there’s not a match on always feels a little bit special.

So this is more of a race recommendation than one for the stadium, but if you fancy a neb of the Riverside then this is a definite thumbs up.

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