Hall Corner (Glapwell FC)

​Well this is awkward. This blog chronicled my visits to various football grounds for a few years, to a wonderfully niche audience, which I accidentally managed to stop updating a while back.


I didn’t stop visiting the grounds though, and have something of a backlog. But I also lost around eight stone in weight at the same time! So it’s safe to say if I look different in some pics, that’s why.


In fact, in the time since my last blog post on this site, Glapwell FC have actually been dissolved, which is sad. Perhaps a poignant nod to keeping this blog more up to date? Either way, the club has folded, and it’ll be shame that this ground is, or soon will be, no more.


It’s nothing too spectacular, but it was a wonderful little find tucked away in Derbyshire on my way to a gig so long ago that I can’t even remember exactly where. Perhaps lacking some TLC, but very homely all the same and dead easy to see inside.


I previously used to conclude with whether I could recommend a visit. In this case, I’ve no idea. The ground most likely no longer exists, certainly the club doesn’t. But if we discover time travel, then absolutely.



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