Abandoned Stadium, Paphos

I know! Your racist little minds are full of vitriol when we go as far afield as Wales, so I’m sure a trip to Cyprus is beyond comprehension.

I’ve a few Cypriot grounds to cover, maybe not all at once in case you combust, but this was one of the more interesting ones. Largely because I know so little about it.
I stumbled across it whilst out running through some countryside in Cyprus. It wasn’t signposted, and is hidden by trees and surrounding farmland, but it’s definitely a ground of some sort.  

There’s floodlights and two stands, it has more than some grounds we’ve featured here, that’s for sure. There seems to be a clubhouse behind the far end too, but access is limited to one side as far as I can tell.

 So does that mean it loses points? Absolutely not. You can see everything you need to see anyway, and it’s fascinating trying to guess whose this ground actually is, why it was abandoned, what the story is behind it. Google returns very few clues.  

The truth is probably far more mundane, but for the sheer joy of discovering an abandoned football ground in the Cypriot countryside, this scores absolute top marks from me.


Abandoned and given up hope. Sounds like the recent sales of my book.

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