Derwenthaugh Park (Swalwell Juniors)

This was an impulse visit, captured briefly whilst on a run along the Derwent River. Despite my nerdy pretensions, even I was unaware of its existence.


There’s not much to the place, but it’s undeniably a football ground. The pitch is fenced off, there’s dugouts, floodlights and a clubhouse. No stands, I’ll give you that. But it’s definitely a ground.

It’s set amongst some lovely scenery, and it’s probably a good suggestion to go for a walk along the river and just stick your head around while you’re there. But a lack of any stands makes it hard to get overly enthusiastic.

So ultimately, maybe not one that will score highly. And I hit lucky that the gates were open otherwise there’s probably not loads to see if they’re locked. But it’s another ground checked off the list, nonetheless. 



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