Quarry Park (Carnforth Rangers)

Hey there! We all know that January is a bloody miserable month so let me cheer you up with possibly my favourite visit of all time.

You’ll notice I said visit rather than ground and that is very deliberate. Quarry Park is wonderfully shabby but that wasn’t its main attraction. No sir.

As I pulled up in the car I noticed someone on their back in the dugout. It’s not unusual when visiting a ground like this in the early evening to see someone on their own doing a spot of maintenance work, but with the ground being off the beaten track a little I thought I’d best slam my car door to try and alert him of my presence.

And it did that alright. Whoever it was quickly sprung out of the dugout, as did the young lady underneath him! It quickly became apparent that the repetitive moving of his limbs hadn’t been painting but something else instead.

It led to a very awkward moment as I tried to figure out whether or not to continue photographing the ground or not, especially as I was unlikely to be visiting any time soon, but as the young couple returned to the bench then I got a couple of quick snaps then made a very quick and embarrassing exit.

So apologies there aren’t as many photographs as usual, and that some of the ones present are bordering on the pornographic. Who knew that Carnforth Rangers at 6.30pm on a Wednesday afternoon was the place for some serious rumpy pumpy? Even I don’t like football grounds that much. I would recommend this one but I suppose it totally depends what you’re into!




My book contains no nudity, but is available to buy at a price so cheap it should be on the bench at Quarry Park.

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