Hampden Park (Scotland and Queen’s Park)

Look, I’m going to level with you here. Yes, I know this blog is usually a prime source of scurrilous lies and gossip with scant regard for honesty, but I’m going to tell you the truth. Yes, some of these are the same photographs I used for Lesser Hampden.

Unfortunately I managed to lose my pics from Hampden Park, but seeing how it’s clearly visible in these photographs, it seems daft not to cover it.

It’s a rather grand stadium, that’s for certain. A little unique, and its oval shape makes reminds you a little of the old Wembley Stadium. Sorry for any readers north of the border, but please take that as a compliment.

Oddly, Hampden is also home to Third Division side Queen’s Park, with an average crowd between 400-500 having plenty of space in this 52,000 seater stadium.  Attending one of their games is certainly on my agenda.

So that probably means it has to have a thumbs up, doesn’t it? I’d happily come back here, and there’s more than enough grounds around Glasgow for you to fit more in, so it’s a yes from me.

Woodhorn Lane Update
Finished photo of the car park? I’m really spoiling you guys here. Oh and I noticed there’s a roller shutter door as well. Yes, a bit thin on the ground in the excitement stakes, but you take what you can at this stage.


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