Blackhall Welfare Park (Blackhall Hardwick)

It’s a short and sweet one this week folks, as some of the grounds I recovered after my phone breaking are some of the rubbish ones. This is one of those.


We visited the ground in the dark and there was absolutely nothing to see. A bit of the sign at the front, the fence, and that’s about it. I’ve included some daylight pictures from Google just to give you an idea, I’ve no idea why the fence is different.


Our good friends from Google show it as a tidy little ground with terracing on both sides, but let’s be honest, there’s not loads more we can talk about. Plus, I’m in a bit of a rush myself.


In short, it’s a nice little ground. It’s one that you’ll be able to see into as long as it’s not dark. Otherwise, as these photos show, there’s nowt!







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