East End Park (Dunfermline Athletic)

After last week’s visit to Gloucester we’re back on the road during mine and Lee Kyle’s Highland fling. It has to be said that after a dozen football grounds of varying levels of impressiveness, this was the first one that felt like a proper stadium. As soon as it came in to view there was a feeling that this was what it’s all about.


I genuinely loved some of the junior grounds we visited but this isn’t just a stand and a couple of dug outs, it’s the real deal. Glass fronted doors at the entrance, four stands that surround the pitch and can be seen from a distance, in contrast to Rosyth a week or two back this feels a little bit special.


Also, unlike our last Scottish instalment, it was a doddle to grab a sneaky look inside. Whether it was due to it being summer, or a general lack of interest from your average joe, a side gate was open and doubled as a car park, meaning I could pop in and see the interior.


It’s a lovely imposing ground too. Three big stands surround the pitch with one smaller and presumably older one having not been upgraded yet. I suspect there’s no reason to either and with that stand being hard to access from the outside, it means it doesn’t stand out so much to the tourists amongst us.


East End Park also scores highly in the “closest ground to an Aldi” category of our awards, too. Perfect for some cheap food as I made my way onto the next ground!


In summary, it was pretty much the perfect visit despite a lot of the ground being away from public access. You can’t walk around it but you can go inside and for me, coupled with some decorative turnstiles, means it scores very highly indeed.

















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