Recreation Park (Rosyth FC)

Although I took in one ground without Lee on the first day, this was the start of doing the solo slog proper. I woke up in a hotel in Edinburgh with a rough route planned and nothing but myself to stop me.


Although it felt a bit special, hitting the road with only a dozen football grounds between me and Glasgow, the truth is that Recreation Park wasn’t the most spectacular way to start the journey.


Based just outside of Edinburgh, there’s not a lot to it, and hardly anything to see from the outside. It’s got floodlights, which is a big deal compared to a lot of junior football grounds we visited, but not much else.


There was an overgrown terrace behind one of the goals which seems an almost staple feature at this level and is certainly likeable. And that is honestly about it.


A ramshackle but lovely looking clubhouse and some steps leading up from the changing rooms to the pitch and you’re done. It definitely wasn’t the best way to start off the day.


In terms of what there is to see from outside it scores pretty poorly really. It might be okay to satisfy the most obsessive of completists but you’ll struggle to feel like you’re stood outside a football ground.











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