Olivebank Stadium (Musselburgh Athletic)

The Olivebank Stadium was one of my favourites on our Scottish road trip despite being relatively anonymous if you were visiting as a neutral.


Because Lee and I had been in touch with all of the clubs we visited in advance, a lot of them were happy to let us in for a wander around. In Musselburgh Athletic’s case, they really went the extra mile.


There’s not a lot to see of it from the outside – it’s down a back lane and the entrance blocks off a lot of the view of the ground – so it was a good job Allan Todd was there to meet us. He welcomed us in, showed us around and even gave us a pair of Musselburgh Athletic mugs. Brilliant!


In terms of the ground itself, the name sounds grander than it is. The club get very healthy attendances for the Scottish junior leagues but there’s only one small stand for shelter. There is some terracing too and with a factor backing onto the ground, it feels very closed in.


I’d definitely suggest a visit. Although if the ground’s locked there won’t be much to see, if anyone is about then the club seem incredibly friendly and happy to show you around. And it’s close enough to Tranent Juniors and Preston Athletic to be worth it just on the off-chance.

A big thumbs up from me.












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