Pennypit Park (Preston Athletic)

I think regular readers of this blog are well aware of its thirst for ground-breaking innovations and I’ve not let you down this week.  For the first time in the proud history of Andy Fury’s Football Grounds, the post contains a picture of a ground that’s not the ground we’re talking about.


Technically, Pennypit Park is two grounds, one for football then one adjacent for rugby. Scottish junior side Preston Athletic have one stand that you can’t see from the outside, but it’s part of a complex they share with rugby club Preston Lodge, whose stand is visible. So whilst all of the shots of the exterior are of the football ground, the one picture where you can see the seats is of the rugby ground. And if that confuses you then I’m barely apologetic. Go and get your football ground blogs from some other dumbed down source.


I’ve included the photo of the rugby club’s stand because the football one presumably looks exactly the same. They’re identical from the outside and so it’s probably safe to say not much is different inside. In terms of the ground itself, it’s a pleasant enough affair although slightly surreal having an exact replica right next to it.


There’s not much of note though. It was the first ground we encountered on our Scottish journey that had floodlights, which definitely marked it out and helped give it the feel of being a proper ground. There was also a dead seagull outside the stand, although I suspect that’s not a permanent feature.


It’s worth visiting though; it’s right next to Tranent Juniors’ home and also not far from Musselburgh Athletic’s stadium, and there’s two grounds in the same place here! So it’s easy enough to get your count up, even if it’s not overly blessed with character.











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