Foresters Park (Tranent Juniors)

So then, welcome back to Scotland! This was number five on mine and Lee’s ridiculous day of visiting as many grounds as possible and it was both lovely and an anti-climax.


We’ll start with a couple of points of note from the journey in that score both plus and minus points. Firstly, the amount of speed bumps driving in is absolutely insane and almost enough to put you off visiting. Thankfully, this was evened out by us spotting man wearing what we thought was an eyepatch but as we got closer realised it was whatever the monocle version of sunglasses is called. Brilliant.


As for the ground, it’s ideal for tourists due to a mesh fence being all that stands between you and the ground. It means you can see everything clearly, although you can’t get particularly close, but at least it’s all on show.


There’s only one stand but it seems to follow the Scottish junior model of being an impressive affair. It’s not on a par with your Benburbs of the world, but it’s a very decent sized structure all the same and very pleasant to look at.


It’s pretty much all there is to see really though. A couple of dugouts, a very strange looking turnstile and that’s your lot. Undoubted bonus points are awarded for the clubhouse also having a climbing wall inside of it, but we left in a bit of a hurry.


It’s definitely one that’s nice to have checked off the list, and not a waste of time visiting, but you’d have to be nearby to make it worthwhile going to see.









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