Edgeley Park (Stockport County)

Woah there! What the?! But Stockport isn’t in Scotland! As promised last week here’s a football ground from south of the border, although I’m sure normal service will be resumed soon.


I was doing a little gig in Stockport during the late nights so had to weigh up how worthwhile it was turning up three hours early compared to just giving it a miss or doing it in the dark. Thankfully I caught it just in the nick of time which is a relief as there wouldn’t be much to see. The bad light has already given these photos a weird 60s porn type soft focus!


Edgeley Park is a bit of a mix of stands. There’s one giant one that sits behind one of the goals and is comfortably the biggest structure there. All I could see of it was from the main road as the car park was closed but it’s impressive in size an there’s not much to pick at.


Two of the stands seemed tricky to access but I was in a hurry, one is an uncovered seating area that apparently used to be a terrace, but more importantly there appear to be stairs to access it. Go on Stockport County! They know how to win points on this blog.


Of the two stands that run along the touchlines, one was a case of peering through gaps on fences but the other is a thing of beauty. Built in the 1930s it’s a lovely piece of architecture and whilst I dread to think what it’s like to watch a game from, there’s no denying it’s wonderful to look at from the outside with blue bricks topping it off nicely.


We don’t rate the grounds on this blog. With bonus marks for everything from the stadium having steps to whether there’s a long jump pit nearby, it’s too hard to gauge scientifically. Edgeley Park would score a 7/10 if we were though. It’s not spectacular but it’s more than satisfying enough to be an enjoyable trip if you’re nearby. It’s even got a blue English Heritage plaque to prove it.














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