Warner Park (Eyemouth United)

The home of Eyemouth United begins a new little occasional mini series after a ridiculous adventure between myself and fellow idiot Lee Kyle.


This blog started life as away of documenting my travels after I’d decided to visit a football ground when I arrived at the town or city I was playing in. That soon changed into that being the main focus of the day, occasionally fitting in other stadiums along the way or driving via Penrith in the middle of the night to sneak another one in.


It culminated in me and Lee booking two nights at The Stand comedy club up in Scotland and deciding to visit as many grounds as we possibly could in the two days. We got through way too many (25) to run this every week for half a year, but I’ll intersperse the regular posts with updates from the grounds we visited, starting with Eyemouth.


Setting the story up has essentially excused me from writing too much about Warner Park, largely as there’s nothing to see. The views around it are spectacular, but save for two marvellous looking dugouts there’s not much else other than a clubhouse and the goals lying in the car park. Oh and a slightly weird amount of advertising hoardings for how small and unspectacular it is.


The ground is easily accessible for passing tourists to look at, the main problem is there not being much to occupy you once you arrive. The only interesting fact I can offer is that the venue used to be called Gunsgreen Park, but I’ve no idea why it was changed and have no real inclination to find out. Still, it was ground number one checked off our list, and the journey had started.











  1. The name change was after my late Grandad, Alf Warner, for his years of service as secretary, chairman and other roles over the years.

    Now you know, inclined or otherwise 😉

  2. Previously the football field was located on the other side of the entrance road and the pitch you show was just a farm field. The current field is a bit more sheltered from the elements. The reason I say this is because in high winds it used to be impossible to play on the old pitch which as you will have seen as high up and exposed to the North Sea. I was involved in several games abandoned due to bad weather. When I say bad I mean really bad, the goal keeper not being able to clear his box kicking the ball from his hands against the wind bad. In fact it was on the news when a game was abandoned when all the footballs brought by both teams were lost (once they went past the goal line they just kept rolling) over the cliffs several hundred meters away on the other side of the golf course . Lucky you visited on a nice day.

  3. Thanks for that information Stuart – interesting to know. And Jamie, it seems crazy to think that they’ve moved it further from the sea – it’s pretty much on a cliff as it is!

    Thanks for reading and please feel free to share the blog with anyone that it may be of interest to.

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