Butlin Road (Rugby Town)

Sometimes entries in here are almost irrelevant other than to serve as a reminder I was there. Unfortunately Butlin Road is absolutely one of those.

I’d set off early in order to catch this one but roadworks and accidents meant that despite setting off with 90 minutes time to play about with, I turned up literally as the gig was about to start.

So, I visited Butlin Road in darkness. By day it looks pleasant, but by night its location opposite a graveyard makes it both eerily quiet but also not at all lit up.

That meant a few snaps illuminated only by my car headlights and a desperate scramble to steal some photos on the internet later.

I suspect I’d love this one. The sheer fact that they have The Cemetery End makes it undoubtedly wonderful. As it is, this was just a case of two ships quite literally passing in the night.







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