Reebok Stadium (Bolton Wanderers)

Now this is what I’m talking about. Granted it’s not perfect but it looks and feels different to most grounds of its era.


It may be named solely after a sponsor, and due to be rebranded at the end of the season, but it’s hard not to like the Reebok. I do think it’ll probably always be known as that regardless of sponsor now (similarly, will the Emirates be known as the Sony in 20 years time? I doubt anyone will stick by the new name).


It’s right on the motorway too, which is usually another reason to knock it. You can’t beat a football ground in the middle of the community it serves, it’s the right place for it. But the Reebok is so interesting to look at that it’ll brighten up your drive as you have a quick nose at it.


Indeed, I’d heartily recommend pulling off the motorway for a quick lap of the place. The pitch is easily visible, although it was night-time when I went so not as good a view, but I’m not going to detract points for that. Daylight would afford you wonderful views inside the stadium without you feeling like you were getting in the way of anyone.


What negatives do I have for it? Not many really. The posh hotel built into the side of it is off-putting but hardly intrusive, and it’s odd that there’s a turnstile not in the stadium but attached to a tower that requires a walk across a bridge, but I think that might be quirky enough to put down as a positive.


So I think I’d have to stick the Reebok Stadium down as a must-visit, even if you’re just passing it on the motorway. Well worth five minutes of your time in close up.















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