Bruce Park (Blackpool Wren Rovers)

It’s always a proud day when the blog gets to give out an award and thus this Friday is a special day as we hand out the title of “ground nearest the most amount of other grounds.”


Rovers, who started life simply as Wren Rovers then became Blackpool Rovers before adopting their current monicker in 1998, are within 0.2 miles of AFC Blackpool and literally share a fence with neighbours Squires Gate FC.


I’m not sure if there’s something in the water with regards the Lancastrian town’s football team names but it’s worth noting that AFC Blackpool were formerly known as Blackpool Mechanics. And before you ask, I’ve no idea if they ever managed to play Burntisland Shipyard, but that would be a hell of a tie.


In terms of Bruce Park it’s a wonderful non-league ground but simultaneously awful. Run-down but reasonably tidy and as a tourist it’s easy to see most of it, either from the club’s car park or also from that of neighbouring pub The Shovels.


Each side of the pitch has a stand, some with seats, some with ivy over growing them, all quite similar and not massively full of individuality but loveable all the same. It’s quite odd seeing the back of Squires Gate and their floodlights, it makes Dundee and Dundee United seem a hefty walk, but I definitely enjoyed what was just a fleeting visit all the same.


I’d highly recommend for a variety of reasons. As well as a wonderful name you’re within a three minute walk of two other grounds (without even bothering with Bloomfield Road) and it’s for that reason alone that Wren Rovers have this illustrious title sown up and into their trophy cabinet.








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