Coles Park (Haringey Borough)

This is one of my favourite discoveries of the entire blog, yet it’s also one of the shittest days out I’ve had as a football tourist too.


With a Saturday morning to kill in London I decided to head North to take in a ground somewhere and just off White Hart Lane is Tottenham’s less famous sibling. What I hadn’t prepared for is that the home of Haringey Borough FC also doubles up as a massive car boot sale. So when I arrived at 9am in the morning, the entire ground was absolutely packed.


Was it full of fans eager to cheer on their team? No, it was full of dodgy looking blokes selling video players, second hand sunglasses and laptops from the back of white transit vans. While I wasn’t in the market for any crap electronics, I was in the mood for some soccer voyeurism and so stalls laid out all around the ground made it perfect for poking my nose in. It’s undeniably the poorer cousin of the two football grounds either end of Whit Hart Lane, but so surreal that it’s far more fun.


There’s a wonderful yet simultaneously garish yellow and green monster of a grandstand that is so freakish it’s adorable, and alongside it is an awful looking terrace that looks so unsafe and ramshackle that I’m certain nobody ever stands there.


The rest of the ground is essentially just hard standing, with the dug outs on the opposite side of the main stand(s). So it’s hard to judge it massively but I think I’d be tempted to give it the thumbs up.


Regardless, it’s hard to offer a definitive opinion on this one. It’s so bonkers it’s almost certainly worth a visit, if you like football grounds and second hand shoes then it’s an absolute must. However, cough, if you just like football books, could I suggest you give this one a try? Yes, yes it is a book written by me. It’s only a couple of quid and is a great way to support this blog!















  1. Hello there I want some information on doing a carboot sale on Sunday 21st sept can u plz give me a call on 0208 8882169 thanks

  2. Hello there I am looking in to doing a car boot sale here on Saturday 21st March 2015 or Sunday 22nd March I just wanted to ask how much the pitch is.
    Walk in seller ???
    With car ????
    Plz can u get bk to me ASAP thanks

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