Wheatridge Park (Seaton Delaval Amateurs)

Wheatridge Park is the sort of venue that will be sniffed at by many readers but I think its size makes it undoubtedly fascinating.


Tucked away in the tiny North East town of Seaton Delaval it’s the sort of football ground that even the local residents barely realise is there. It’s all well and good celebrating your Old Traffords and even Boundary Parks, but I think Wheatridge is a necessary inclusion. Because ultimately, there’s no denying this is a football ground.


There’s a fenced off football pitch, a small covered stand for spectators and hard standing as well. Sure, there’s very little else but it’s absolutely a football ground and there’s plenty to love about it. If those facilities aren’t good enough you can watch the entire game from the comfort of your car. What’s not to love about that? Drive in football – it’s the future I’m telling you!


When I say there’s only one stand, I’m glossing over possibly one of its best features. On one side of the pitch is a garden shed, quite literally, with room for three seats. I’m not sure what the point of it being there is but regardless, you won’t see better than that on this blog and that’s a fact.


The opposite side hosts the clubhouse, with a sheltered standing area that seats from the clubhouse have been placed in for anyone choosing to sit. To one side is a grassy area complete with picnic table, the other houses what looks like very old primitive terracing.


Best of all was my half time cuppa though. Served from the refreshments window at the back of the stand and the coffee served in a china mug. I can’t even remember what it tasted like but if there’s a better served cuppa in all of football I can’t wait to see it.


In all, a wonderful day out. I think grounds like this are just as curious and wonderful as their theme park counterparts and should be loved and treasured and celebrated.




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