West Lancashire College Stadium (Skelmersdale United)

It seems slightly remarkable that this stadium is only ten years old, although I’ve not seen many grounds at this level of that particular vintage.


It’s hard to see much of it from the outside, which is a shame. There’s a big seated stand hugging the opposite touchline that looks frighteningly temporary, but certainly a good size. And most probably permanent, it’s just hard to really see.


Behind one of the goals is another stand but I couldn’t tell if this was a terrace or more seating, but barring that there’s not a lot barring rubble and portakabins.


Everything here looks a bit older than a decade, but bearing in mind this ground has also been home to Liverpool Ladies and also its sponsors, then I guess it’s safe to say it’s well-worn.


One amusing note is at the front of the stadium, the sign welcoming visitors has clearly been painted over that many times to accommodate new sponsors that this time around they’ve just left the stadium name blank.


A nice home anyway, certainly good to get another notch on the blog and only a few minutes off the motorway for anyone wanting a quick fix, so not to be sniffed at.









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