Recreation Park (Burntisland Shipyard FC)

This one barely counts as a stadium, but a gig in the Scottish town of Kinghorn meant I couldn’t resist a trip to the local football club.


The only problem was that Kinghorn don’t have one. Burntisland, a town five minutes along the Fife coast, have an amateur team with a cracking name so myself and fellow comic Lee Kyle headed to their home.


We’d not really checked anything other than their postcode so when we found it tucked away behind a housing estate, it’s safe to say we were underwhelmed. The lack of any stands at all makes me massively reluctant to call it a ground. It’s definitely not a stadium. We were somewhere between bewildered, underwhelmed and wonderfully amused. Mainly bewildered though.


It’s basically a playing field with a fence round it, a club house, toilets and changing facilities. Oh, and dug outs. I think that’s what won it for me. That and the spectacular views. But the dug outs are the tallest I’ve ever seen. Made out of concrete breeze blocks too, they were ugly but the only football related structure that just edges its inclusion in the blog.


There’s plenty of weirdness around. Firstly, the fact that they charge £3 to watch when you could quite easily just stand on the other side of the fence for free. That and there’s a tree behind one of the goals. I’m desperately hoping “Shipyard” like to kick towards the tree in the second half.


Oh and signs. Loads of signs. Disabled entrances, various signs with prices on, directions for parking, a sign to remind people of drop off zones and not for parking. It made me slightly curious what sort of crowds the club actually get for this to be worthwhile policing to such a degree.


But that’s really it. Lots of trees around the pitch, a nice view off it, and very little else to report on. Burntisland should really just be grateful they’ve snuck on here.
















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