The Turnbull Ground (Whitby Town)

The Turnbull Ground, home of Whitby Town, was a pleasant surprise. For a small club in the Evo Stick League they have an absolutely cracking set up.

They have some covered terracing behind the dug outs, themselves a curiosity. They bear a plaque revealing that they were a gift to the club. That seems like an odd gift to buy someone – what if they’d said no? Maybe I’m being simplistic about it.

The biggest surprise was their main stand, the Brooks Mileson Stand. Brooks was a wonderful benefactor to grassroots sports, sponsoring various swimmers, athletes and sports clubs, including taking Gretna from the Scottish Third Division into the SPL, a cup final and Europe before he unfortunately passed away.

Put simply, he was a smashing bloke and it’s nice to see Whitby recognising his contribution to the game and their club. The stand itself is impressive. Quite shallow, so not many rows, but the rows that are there are steep and it’s a very tall structure. It’s surrounded by picturesque hotels and from the Brooks Mileson Stand you can also see the sea. Don’t quote me on this, but I think a sea view might be a first for this blog.

There’s enough curiosities about this ground for it to be well worth making the trip as a tourist. Former Sunderland and England B international Darren Williams is currently in charge, so it’s worth it just for that, but The Turnbull Ground is a cracking stadium that I’m incredibly fond of. Well worth a visit.20131108-163426.jpg20131108-163435.jpg20131108-163445.jpg20131108-165621.jpg20131108-165630.jpg20131108-165639.jpg20131108-165650.jpg20131108-165700.jpg20131108-165709.jpg20131108-165720.jpg20131108-165729.jpg20131108-165738.jpg20131108-165749.jpg20131108-165801.jpg20131108-165810.jpg20131108-165821.jpg20131108-165830.jpg20131108-165840.jpg20131108-165851.jpg20131108-165902.jpg










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