Sheilfield Park (Berwick Rangers)

This was the conclusion of our Scottish special and either a huge let down or unadulterated bonus of a ground, depending on your point of view. Six grounds in the space of 24 hours is impressive, regardless.

Whilst at Hamilton being disappointed by their closed club shop, we got a phone call from another comic who was travelling from Newcastle to Glasgow, but via Edinburgh and the A1 due to expected road closures because of snow. Going down the A1 meant only one thing in our minds: a stop off at Shielfield Park, home of Berwick Rangers.

So it was that we took the most minor of detours from the A1 for a whistlestop drive-by of Berwick’s ground. It was midnight, pitch black, and freezing cold. It’s safe to say we found time to jump out of the car for three seconds for a photo. If it wasn’t for the existence of this photo I’d struggle to convince you that I’d actually been there, such was the brevity of our visit.

Still, here’s the proof.



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