Celtic Park (Glasgow Celtic)

This was really part of the Scottish special, or the prequel to it, or its inspiration, whatever you will.

We’d booked a hotel in Glasgow that was so dirty and filthy (honestly, search for Botanic Hotel Glasgow and read the Trip Advisor reviews) even a scruffy bunch of comedians wouldn’t risk disease staying there. So after our first day of gigs we decided to drive home to Newcastle late at night, only to get back up first thing in the morning to drive back to Glasgow.

The one plus side of this is that we accidentally went home via Celtic Park. It seemed rude not to hop out for a quick photo. There’s not much more to say to that really, other than our second day inspired us to spend more time admiring Glaswegian football architecture than is arguably healthy.


However on this occasion we were tired and annoyed and just wanted to get home. Celtic Park is a magnificent home but when you’ve spent most of your day wondering whether you should sleep in a room where the walls are smeared in blood, you have other stuff on your mind.

So yeah, Celtic Park, great stadium. Botanic Hotel Glasgow, awful.




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