Worcester County Cricket Club (New Road)

A gig at Worcestershire County Cricket Club could mean only one thing – a trip to Worcester City FC after the gig for a little treat for Fury!

I rarely get the “after show buzz” that I’ve heard so many comics talk about. That adrenaline rush that keeps them awake for hours after the gig has ended, that endless search for an outlet for the massive high that they’re on. There’s no doubting that performing stand up comedy is one of the best feelings in the world, but there’s also no doubt that my bed runs it a close second. As a result, the second the show finishes I want to be on the road home.

And thus this blog entry turns sour. I’d honestly planned on visiting Worcester City’s St George’s Lane. They played their last ever game there the night after my show, and a few audience members mentioned they had tickets. Indeed, there are very real fears that the club might not exist beyond next year. I’d read up on it. But, as the show ended and I fired up my sat nav, I totally forgot I had somewhere else to be.

So, with the gig being in a sports stadium, and our dressing room being the actual dressing room for the stadium, I suppose the photos I nabbed on my brief spell at the home of Worcestershire County Cricket Club will have to do.

I know virtually nothing about cricket, and I think I can safely say this is the first actual “proper” cricket ground I’ve been to, so I have very little to compare it to, but it was pleasant. There seems to be some rebuilding work going on, and there were endless car parking spaces reserved for tea ladies which scored automatic bonus points on the mental scale.


There was also a nice enough view of the ground from my spot in the car park. And there was the bonus of being able to meander round that sacred of sports stadia – the dressing rooms. It was slightly worrying that the kit was laid out on the floor in what looked like body bags, but hey, I got to see what the back of a score board looked like. Oh, and Worcester Cathedral, which overlooks the ground from a very prominent position.


In short, I’ve totally ran out of ways to describe a cricket ground. There’s some photos. It was nice. Sorry for being an idiot.












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